Premier Muscle Care is dedicated to treating soft tissue dysfunction, eliminating pain, muscle spasm and increase restricted range of motion utilizing a highly effective myofascial massage approach. We want to help feel, move and live better!

We use a blend of myofascial release coupled with deep tissue massage techniques and stretching to assist in releasing dysfunctional patterns in the muscle and tissue along with identifing postural imbalances that can cause pain and discomfort. We assist individuals and athletes looking to recover and maintain from various conditions or injuries, eliminate pain and use myofascial massage to help you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

When you visit Premier Muscle Care, you will be treated in a professional and comfortable environment. We look forward to helping you live a more healthy and balanced life.

Mike Williams, CMT

       MIKE WILLIAMS, CMT           

Mike has been providing relief from soft tissue pain in the Maple Grove area for over 20 years. Through his clinical experience in myofascial release, deep tissue and sports massage, he has addressed and treated many different kinds of pain and dysfunction.

He helps a wide variety of clients ranging from individuals looking to stay healthy, athletes looking to increase their performance to those in pain or overcoming injuries. Mike specializes in working with athletes.

Mike was inspired to study bodywork 25 years ago when he saw first hand how much it helps people; it was the most effective treatment that worked with his wife’s headaches and muscle pain. After that experience, Mike realized the impact he could have helping people in his community.

Mike enjoys photography, travel, hockey, soccer and spending time with his family.