The Myofascial Advantage

Myofascial release is a specific whole body approach to stretching and releasing the tight restrictions in the connective tissue. This amazing form of soft tissue therapy is used to treat all kinds of muscle dysfunction, tightness, pain and decreased and restricted range of motion.

What is Fascia?

To understand how this works, we must understand what fascia is. Fascia or connective tissue is a seamless web of connective tissue that connects, covers and holds muscles, bones and organs in place. This web envelopes every structure in the body. It unifies all parts of the body together. This extraordinary tissue helps give our bodies its shape and allows us to function every day.

Why is Fascia Important?

Fascia (connective tissue) connects all structures together. It links muscle, bone, tendons, ligaments and organs together that gives us our shape and posture. It also acts as a shock absorber.

Injuries, trauma & poor posture cause restrictions within the fascia. Since the fascial system is interconnected throughout the body, restrictions in one area can start to affect other parts of the body; like the pull of a sweater. These restrictions can develop into adhesions placing a drag on the system. These restrictions can cause pain, muscle spasm, lack of flexibility and limited range of motion to protect the areas.

The goal of the myofascial approach is to identify where the restriction is by a visual postural assessment and palpation techniques. The application to manually stretch the fascia to release the restrictions that are causing the system to be out of balance. By releasing these restrictions, the body can achieve a more “normal” functioning state.

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