Our Services

Sports Myofascial Therapy

Are you looking to improve your sports performance and stay injury free? Athletes commonly suffer from muscle strains from repetitive stresses placed on their bodies. This can lead to restrictions in flexibility and muscle pain. Enhance your athletic performance by alleviating and or preventing muscle soreness, strains and dysfunctional movement patterns through sports myofascial massage for your specific sport or activity.

Pain Relief

Do you hurt? Are you in pain? Injuries, poor posture and trauma can cause restrictions to the fascia and muscle tissue. The restrictions and trigger points (knots) can cause pain, muscle spasm and limited range of motion. Myofascial massage can loosen up and release the restricted movement, eliminate muscle spasm and painful trigger points.  Using deep tissue myofascial massage and myofascial release, we target the severe tension, inflammation and dysfunctional postural patterns that are irritating the fascial tissue that is not allowing the muscle tissue to heal properly.

Hockey Performance

Want to increase your hockey performance? Myofascial massage will address your “Hockey Muscles”. We will look at postural and muscle imbalances throughout the hips, shoulders, back and neck.  Our goal is to assist in creating total movement throughout your body. Better muscle and tissue function through better movement patterns can lead to increased flexibility, strength, power and explosivness on and off the ice. Feel Better. Play Better!

Total Body Balance

Are you motivated to reach your fitness goals? Proper recovery and maintenance is a key componant in preventing injuries while pursuing your fitness goals. This is the objective of myofascial massage for body balance. It can assist the muscles and fascia in the maintence and recovery process from exercise and workouts; addressing muscle tension, decreased soreness and assist in injury prevention.