Pain Relief

Address Your Pain

Do you suffer from chronic pain or have poor posture? Have you been in an accident? Do you suffer from a repetitive stress injury? Do you have a sports injury? Fascia works with muscles to give them strength, flexibility and form. If the tissue gets inflamed from injury, it will keep the muscle in a contracted state causing painful spasms the get worse over time.

Soft tissue pain and spasms

Shoulder and Neck Pain

Painful muscle spasms and tight fascia can lead to postural imbalances. The tissue will support the body in its out of balance state to allow you to function with your daily activities. If not identified and treated correctly, it will lead to a cycle of more spasm, pain and postural imbalances. Injuries, poor posture and trauma can cause restrictions to the fascia. Because the fascial system is interconnected throughout the body, a restriction in one place over time can affect other parts of the body. These restrictions will cause pain, muscle spasm and limited range of motion to protect the injured area. The goal of the myofascial massage approach is to:

  • Reduce your pain
  • Increase range of motion
  • Eliminate the fascial restrictions
  • Identify the dysfunctional patterns
  • Correct postural and muscle imbalances

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