Mike has a lot of experience working with professional athletes, which makes him unique in his skill set and speaks volumes of his ability. He knows how to target specific parts of the body that are not functioning properly, which is hugely important in keeping us healthy and ready to compete at the highest levels. He has helped me get back in the game after injuries, as well as maintence sessions in the off season. I've worked with dozens of massage therapists over my career and he is truly the best I've come across.

Stu Bickel, Minnesota Wild

I highly recommend Mike's services as a myofascial therapist. The deep tissue/myofascial work that he specializes in has helped me with both athletics at the collegiate level and in everyday life. Mike has helped hit all of the spots I feel need work and has highlighted areas that he can identify through his many years of practice. At the end of the day, I always leave feeling less stressed and have better range of motion. His work can help you no matter the profession or situation. I would highly recommend his services to anyone willing to find an alternative and affordable path to feeling better

Pat S.

I will never forget my reaction when I came home from my first session with Mike; I broke down into tears because I haden't felt this good in years. I had recently had my fifth hip procedure and was experiencing constant muscle spasms throughout my back and hips. I was beginning to run out of options when an old coach recommended Mike to me. Mike, from that first session, was incrediably detailed with his postural assessment and I believe he is second to none identifing muscle and fascial dysfunction and developing a plan to absolve it. After as many surgeries as I have had, I wouldn't trust anybody else in the world with my body. With Mike, you can be confident that whether it's recovering from surgery or just maintaining an active lifestyle, he will help you feel better and meet your goals.

John D.

I've used every technique around throughout my 16 year pro career. I am a big believer in myofascial sports massage as a way to recover and allow my body to heal. Of all the massage thrapists I have used, Mike is the best! He is not only a master of his craft but goes the extra mile to help his clients achieve the results they need. He is my one and only choice.

Shjon Podien, NHL Stanley Cup Champion

Mike's myofascial approach has helped me alot. A maintenance program of myofascial massage allows me to train as hard as I did in the NFL

The "Superstar" Mike Morris

The first time Mike saw Adam, he had a quad contusion that hindered his ability to play hockey and train for a week and a half running. In that one session, Mike virtually eliminated Adam's quad issue. He said his quad felt near 100%. We highly recommend Mike!

Andy K.